Cacao Trail

The Cacao Trails are a fantastic experience. The Cacao Farmer will take you all over his farm and show you how the Maya once made chocolate, from the Cacao Tree  all the way to his home, where his wife will roast, grind and make hot chocolate the old fashion way.

The Cacao Trail takes you into Toledo’s heartland, with its lush green interior blanketing the foothills of the Maya Mountains, and the traditional villages nestled throughout Toledo’s chocolate country!

In this eco tour, you will visit the organic cacao orchards, where cacao is grown under the shade of indigenous trees, and alongside other crops, including pineapple, coffee, papaya, avocado and allspice. You will learn how the pods grow and are harvested, and the fermentation process which results in the beans that are the foundation of the famous Maya Gold organic chocolate—itself inspired by a local Mayan chocolate “kukuh” drink!

Continue on the trail to one of Toledo’s beautiful natural attractions: Blue Creek Rainforest Preserve (BCRP) BCRP is a 200 acre forest preserve and wildlife sanctuary, nestled on the banks of its namesake creek, next to a deep pool of clear water perfect for swimming! Breathtaking discoveries await you as you explore the river, spectacular caves, and rainforest nature trails of this unique jungle site!

A little further upstream is Hokeb Ha Cave, just one of the limestone caves in this system, full of pristine mineral pools and lagoons, with a constant water temperature of 75 °F.

With life jackets and head lights you swim into the cave to see one or more waterfalls. Following your Cacao Trail Tour (these experiences will turn into memories to last a lifetime) you will head back to Punta Gorda.

Full day tour US$ 125.00 per person—including Maya lunch and all entrance fees and guide fees. Min. of 2 persons.

Private Tour US$ 150.00 per person. Minimum 2 Pax.

Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours make a difference to you, and to the areas we visit. Indeed, we pledge to engage in “responsible tourism to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. ” We take these principles to heart, and for every person who joins one of our Tours we make a donation to one of the leading conservation organizations working in the area.

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